Al Amida Company is specialized in all related to construction, electrical and mechanical contracting and includes works related to:


- Construction, expansion and demolition of various types of buildings, roads, bridges, railways, ports, dams and reservoirs.

- Road paving and rocking of pillars.

- Rehabilitation of bridges.

- Water, sewage and pumping stations projects.

- Mechanical and electrical contracting related to installation and operation of equipment as well as power generation plants.

- Air conditioning, cooling and electrical and sanitary installations.

- Construction and preparation of designs and plans of projects specialized in construction, mechanical and electrical.

In addition to most of the works that fall within the Department of Civil and Electrical and Mechanical Construction. Our company is a leader in its field. Our distinctive feature is the implementation of projects in various fields of government institutions, banks, shops, factories and residential buildings. We are up to date with the latest systems and everything that is new and at reasonable prices.

The secret of our company’s success at the present time lies in the continuous development and modernization of our expertise, technology and scientific knowledge that we have gained with every project we have achieved since our establishment in 2001.


The result of the effort is what made our company turn into a well-known company that always makes us proud. In addition to the timely fulfillment of the commitments of high quality as well as our ability to implement the most difficult projects that require experience, and work with a cadre of engineering and technician with high efficiency and quality and the ability to work in a large geography and in difficult circumstances, while adhering to the principles of the profession and work hard on the road to success.


The strength of our company stems from our constant desire to reach the highest levels of satisfaction and acceptance of our customers. We are always ready to complete projects regardless of the challenge, accuracy, quality, and cost. Our aim is to cooperate and contribute effectively to the reconstruction of the country.