Our company has a great experience in the field of providing logistics services through the possession of experts, cadres, equipment and specialized equipment that provide all the needs of the customers of the logistical support and according to the required specifications and a high degree of quality and competitive prices to satisfy our customers and this feature through our experience gained through dealing with major companies As well as the specialized experts working in the field of logistics support within the cadres of our company where the company offers these services as follows:

1-Provide the cadres and experts specialized in the work of logistical support.

2-Provide the mechanisms and specialized equipment and mechanisms subject to the required specifications with the staff working in them, where the inspection of these mechanisms periodically by the companies authorized and specialized in the fields of examination.

3-the installation of the headquarters (Kamp) integrated companies with an integrated protection system and on demand.

4-the processing of cars and transport vehicles to protect the personalities and cadres engineering and technical expatriate of the country.

5-Provide protection of personalities and ensure the safety of their movement at various work sites inside Libya.

6-Providing suitable and required manpower according to the requirements of the project.

7-Issuing security permits for individuals and vehicles and bringing them to work sites.

8-Issuance of entry features (Visa) for delegations and experts and engineers who are relying on their experience in the implementation of projects for the benefit of companies operating in Libya.

9-Provide security guards and the number required for the headquarters of companies and offices.

10-Processing of food and drinking water, as required and within the required specifications.

11-Supply of fuel necessary and required to work mechanisms working in the workplace.

12-supply of generators for the headquarters of companies and the various capacities and provide maintenance, fuel and oil required for the work of generators.