Our safety plan is arranged to minimize the Work Hazards and meet safe workplace Requirements The health and safety policy, signed by Eengineer Dafer Mohamed Elbakoush, the Chief Executive Officer of Al Amida Company, states that health and safety are key priorities throughout the Company’s processes from the transferring of materials, to handling to site from Al Amida Company.


The Labor Safety Project:

Our strategic objective is to eliminate all fatal accidents by continuing to employ international best-in-class health and safety practices across all operations and become the leading Libyan company in this field.


The project is structured in three parts:

providing safer working conditions; training; and engaging employees . One key element of the project sees a shift in focus away from supervision (e.g. inspections and sanctions for violation) to constructive dialogues with employees, The company also employs internal safety trainers who train and develop sites managers directly at work sites.

An essential element of the Labor safety project is a comprehensive audit and ongoing analysis of the Al Amida company health and safety management system. Our company developed standardized heath and safety rating audits which facilitate assessment, monitoring and comparison across each of the company’s work sits, further helping the company to improve performance.

Is dedicated to provide the staff with training courses and basic first Aids workshops so to guarantee that the staff are equipped with safety Knowledge and comply with the safety Instructions.


The following steps enhance our plan:

• Organizing training courses by the safety unit, where all staff members have to attend the training to ensure that they acquire full understanding of the safety procedures applied over all the sites.

• Supervising the staff by the site managers and frontline supervisors to reinforce training and ensure that the safety measures being applied by the staff.

• The safety instructions are displayed at each unit in the site as well as each staff is provided with the Instructions. In addition, the supervisor will test staff safety knowledge by asking them relevant questions before embarking on work.